Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Master bedroom

I am so excited about the changes to the master bedroom--maybe more than any other room in the house (with the exception of the living room minus the anxiety).

The wood floor will be painted pure glossy white (as will the trim) and the walls will be painted celery salt. The ceiling, meanwhile will be painted the same old pickup blue as the living room. The doors, perhaps my favorite element of the room, will be painted a gorgeous cedar green.

To top it off, I want to buy solid green tafetta unlined curtains from silk trading company or half price drapes to go over basic bamboo blinds.

I would love to buy a mirrored vanity. This one from Pier One has the right price.

My dream buy? A French daybed by the window with a chalky wooden frame: either Louis XVI or Louis XV: I just need to find one that will fit a twin mattress and go for the right price.

Technical repairs include taking the applique off the radiator grate and recessing all wires into plaster.

Any thoughts?

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